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seashore marble and granite Carries A Variety Of Stone


You can count on Seashore Marble & Granite to get the personalized service you deserve at a competitive price. We’ve served the Sarasota, FL area since 2002.

seashore marble and granite Carries A Variety Of Stone


You can count on Seashore Marble & Granite to get the personalized service you deserve at a competitive price. We’ve served the Sarasota, FL area since 2002.

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What are the different types of materials for countertops?

At Seashore Marble & Granite, we offer a variety of countertop materials, including natural stone (such as granite, marble, and quartzite), engineered stone (like quartz), recycled glass, and porcelain.

What is the difference between natural stone and engineered stone countertops?

Natural stone countertops are made from slabs of stone quarried from the earth, providing unique, one-of-a-kind patterns. Engineered stone countertops, such as quartz, are manufactured using crushed stone and resin, offering a more uniform appearance and greater resistance to stains and scratches.

How do I choose the most suitable countertop material for my kitchen?

Consider your lifestyle, budget, and design preferences. Natural stone offers unique beauty and durability, while quartz provides consistency and low maintenance. Porcelain is highly resistant to heat and scratches, making it suitable for various applications.

Should I install different types of countertops in different rooms?

Yes, different rooms have different needs. For instance, granite or quartz may be ideal for kitchen countertops due to their durability, while marble might be more suitable for bathroom vanities for its elegance. Porcelain is great for both indoor and outdoor spaces due to its durability and heat resistance.

What is the best countertop material for outdoors?

Porcelain is highly recommended for outdoor countertops as it is resistant to heat, UV rays, and moisture, making it ideal for various weather conditions. Some natural stones, such as dolomite, and outdoor-grade quartz can also be considered.

What is a natural stone fissure?

A fissure is a natural, visible separation or crack within the stone. It is a characteristic of natural stone and does not affect the stone's integrity or durability.

What are the different applications for engineered and natural stone?

Stone slabs can be used for counter and table tops, fireplaces, wall cladding, flooring, outdoor structures, and decorative items.

How do I maintain and clean my countertops?

For daily cleaning, use a mild soap or stone cleaner with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive pads. Wipe up spills immediately to prevent staining, especially on natural stone.

How can I seal my natural stone countertops?

To seal your natural stone countertops, clean the surface thoroughly, apply a stone sealer with a soft cloth, let it penetrate for the recommended time, and then wipe off any excess. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

Why is my granite countertop pitting, and how do I fix it?

Pitting in granite occurs due to natural mineral deposits. To fix it, you can apply a resin filler designed for stone. For extensive pitting, consider professional restoration services.

Why does my granite countertop feel gritty?

A gritty texture can result from improper cleaning or residue buildup. Clean the countertop with a pH-balanced stone cleaner to remove the grit.

Why are my granite countertops turning dark?

Granite countertops may darken due to spills or moisture absorption. Ensure your countertops are properly sealed and clean any spills promptly.

Why is my countertop dull and faded?

Dullness can result from buildup of residue, improper cleaning, or wear and tear. Regular cleaning with a stone-safe cleaner and periodic polishing can restore its shine.

How do I remove stains from my countertop?

Use a poultice or a commercial stone stain remover to draw out stains. Apply the product, cover with plastic wrap, and let it sit for the recommended time before cleaning it off.

How do I repair scratches or chips on my countertop?

Small scratches and chips can be repaired with a stone repair kit or epoxy resin. For more significant damage, professional repair services are recommended.

Can I place hot pots directly on my countertop?

While granite can withstand moderate heat, it’s best to use trivets or hot pads to prevent potential damage from extreme temperatures.

How does price compare between different countertop materials?

Prices vary based on material, rarity, and installation complexity. Generally, natural stone like granite and marble can be more expensive, while quartz offers a mid-range option. Porcelain prices vary but can be comparable to high-end granite.

Can I install countertops myself or should I hire a professional?

For the best results, it’s recommended to hire a professional for countertop installation. This ensures proper handling, precise cuts, and secure installation, minimizing the risk of damage or incorrect installation.